Nameless Bodies

Some say gay men have no need for love,

That pleasure is everything worth seeking.

Why open heart to pain and disappointment?

Better to penetrate and thrust into dark hole,

Oblivion finally found in flesh’s unrestrained receipt.

They seek to conquer bodies as though at war,

Count victory in higher number than the next.

One’s worth is found in larger inches of the sword,

Wounding, crying in the wind, then leaving

Nameless lovers as one buries bodies that are dead.

The ending is found deep within each beginning,

Present in the search, dark and narrow crevice

Opening, weeping alone into pillows every night—

Flowing pain so immense it spreads into the world

To others that one hunts to share the troubled aching.

I do not want a world only filled with unknown people.

There must be more found within

Lingering dreams of outstretched arms.

You can do this. You can find this, too.

The night is long and you are free to choose.

Within us burns one flame….

Protect that fire from wind that blows outside.

I wish for you what I hope for me—

Heart that is whole, joined from fragments—

So what do you want to do? How are you going to feel?

What kind of man are you going to be?