I can’t say I’m very big on guilt….
Instead, I prefer wet sand between my toes,
Friend upon my back, legs reaching for blue sky,
Bare skin against bare skin, giving in,
Letting impulses live alive toward joy,
Hurting no one, judging no one.

Why can’t we just live our lives completely free—
Feeling safe with raw intimacy?
I want to live today with my friend, naked on the beach,
Exposed to rays of sun, getting warm until the rising blood
Makes me so hot I need to swim up inside,
Pushing in until he moans and begs for more.

Do you see my point? Do you see my thighs support
His thighs au naturel, lithe and lovely legs,
Blonde curly hair blowing in the salty air….
Soon I’ll take him home; throw him on the bed,
Have our fun in play, sharing rolling waves of laughter
Upon high tide of evening love.