I turned around and there he was,

A fucking US Army Ranger,

So many guns I couldn’t count,

But his eyes were fixed on me,

Steady aim, first at my face,

Then my chest and crotch.

His eyes had bright smile

And his lips curved to appeal,

Hunger written all over him.

His finger was on the trigger

So what could I do

But slowly raise my hands

And say, “I’ll do whatever you

Tell me to do….”

He led me to a quiet room,

Said he was going to do a strip search.

I voiced no objection nor

Requested any lawyer.

Slowly he removed my clothes

And I surrendered to his

Careful examination.

To be honest, it was hard on him,

Though I found it went fairly easy.

His gun was loaded and when he jerked,

I felt him shoot that load— deep within my body,

not like cream but more like molten lead.

He got me from behind, legs spread,

So all I could do was yield.

My heart was arrested

For half an hour

As he took his measure and more.

At the end, we kissed;

He gave me his number.

But when I called,

It was the Army Recruiting Station.

Silly, silly me. I want to go sign up.