For the time being, I would like to use this blog to post my erotic poetry anonymously.

My intended desire in writing this erotic poetry is to bring the reader to an intensity of desire without using explicit language or anything that might be considered gross or pornographically explicit. You’ll notice that even the photos almost never show any exposed genitalia. This is not because I feel any sense of shyness or shame. I simply want to bring you, the reader, to the edge… arousing your own feelings, teasing you without indulging in graphic language. If you beg for more, I have succeeded. But you will have to use your own imagination rather than rely upon my own for completing the scene.
You will also observe that my poetry attempts, for the most part, to be tender and loving… to combine a joining of the sensual with the spiritual. I do not always succeed, but generally that is what I attempt to accomplish, to combine the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual elements of making love with another human person. I think too often we split our sexuality into boxes, and perhaps I might go so far as to suggest that gay men do this more often than others do, though it is a “pathological” symptom of our age and culture. Insofar as this is true, then we separate and split off our sexual acts from our deepest desire to love and be loved. I hope this poetry has a healing dimension both in the writing of it and the reading of it.