OLIVIER BERNIERLook at that charming face,

Waves of light upon his golden hair,

Sunrise twinkling from blue eyes,

His boyish smile revealed pure innocence.

For hours I quietly observed him play his games,

And he clearly noticed me as I kept my gaze on him.

I doubt he quite knew what to make of me,

Yet he did not run away that day.

As the day wore on, my hunger grew,

Wanting to take his innocence,

Hear him loudly cry as he surrendered,

Legs spread and naked in my bed.

When I suggested he come back for wine,

He gazed into my face as he said “Yes—

I’d love to see your place….”

He knew what he would give and lose that night.

Driving home, we said little,

Keeping eyes upon the curves,

Eyes darting in the dusk,

Hard to focus on the road

With visions in my head

And something hard below.

Once home, after drinking second glass of wine,

I put my hand on his and sensed his hesitation,

His fear of what he knew might happen,

Caught between his shyness and desire.

But when we kissed, he opened mouth,

Took my tongue against his tongue,

His blood rising in pulsing throat and warm

Arms encircled me as we drew close.

He admitted he had never done this,

Yet also knew he wanted to go on,

Had much to learn and something real to give.

Slowly, I unbuttoned buttons and removed his shirt.

We took our wine into my bedroom,

Lit a dozen candles so naked flesh

Would glow within dark corners of the room,

His nipples hard as I rubbed them with my hand.

I stripped him of his clothes,

And he became an offering upon the altar of my bed,

His young cock standing erect and quivering

As I warmed my hands between his thighs.

My God, he seemed so much an angel sent to bless,

Perhaps a choirboy bowing to a priest,

As he knelt, bent his head and took my organ in his lips,

Swallowed me down like I was a sacramental feast.

Pushing him upon his back, I licked his thighs,

Sucked round, smooth and heavy globes,

Moved north to sweetly taste his meat,

Pre-cum dripping, tasty as I lapped warm tongue to drink.

“I want you,” I whispered.

He replied, “I am yours. Take me…”

And so I took his innocence, virginity lost

Forever in that hour of night.

Yes, he shed a tear upon a cheek

When I went deep and pushed

Large into tight chamber, sighing,

At times tender, at times hard to make him weep.

Should I reveal he turned,

Exposed smooth ass and I entered yet again,

Begged me to seed him with thick cream,

Moaned, thrust back as we finally peaked?

Later, he slept within my arms.

When morning came, he left

So much behind, and took so much,

Asking when he could come again….