An hour, a day, a month away

Never since first meeting him

Had we ever been apart—

For forty days and forty nights

We came to cherish and to chart

Our wicked ways together….

And so in early morning

As I flew south

And he, in turn, flew west,

I missed his cheek and lips

Against my naked flesh.

Just as one single day can teach

The meaning of supreme,

Another is austere

Without his smile to gain—

He merely haunted as a ghost….

It seems he left so many days ago—

Did I forget to count?  Was it days or years?

Oh no, his lips turned bright red

When he told his little lies,

Then look my heart and always laughed.

And so it is this day—

How cruel does love contrive

To pierce our hearts with hope

We may find what we are seeking.—

An hour, a day, a month or more away.