A hot summer afternoon;
Heat filled the valley and spilled over
The ground as I jogged, my sweat
Dripping down my face, chest…
When I turned around, headed back
Home, my thoughts turning in my head,
Giving in to nonsense.

When I got back, walked through
Cool shadows of the trees, opened
Door, I heard the water running.
He was home from work, his clothes
Lay upon the floor.  God, he
Drove me crazy thinking of him
Naked in the shower.

I watched him as the water flowed,
His mouth open, eyes closed, the light
Shining off his face, his muscles tuned, as I
Stood there, drunk with lust, lost,
Drowned in delight and awe.
Even now, a shudder washes over me.

I stood there full of images and fantasies,
Knowing he did not see me.
Should I intrude, break his privacy or
Stand and watch, unseen?
He took the soap, stroked his thighs,
Caressed his balls.  The beauty,
The magic of this moment was the innocence
With which he touched himself, unaware
Of my presence, no seduction or even
Welcome in his willful touch.

Suddenly, the torch within burst into flame.
Aroused, I dropped my shorts, gave myself to
The moonlight of this daylight hour,
Heard the crowing of the cock,
Saw him startle, smile at the opening of the
Door, the kiss, the words that could not
Be said in the presence of anyone else.

He did not need to ask what I wanted,
And I knew he wanted the best from me.
There was nothing he needed to do for me
But be real, to love the moment just for being.
And in that moment, we were rich, and
Richly endowed as the hot water
Streamed, steamed and filled our empty lungs.