I’ve decided to remove the halter and let him roam free
Through open pasture, wander at will through fields
Of desire, chew on whatever pink clover he finds, though
He may come home with teeth stained, his shaggy
Winter-coat tangled.  True, his hindquarters could
Get humped and bumped as stallions in the neighborhood
Play aggressive tricks, their soft noses sniffing
The wind at night.  Still, I’ll leave the barn door
Open, watch him race down through shadows,
Roll upon his back and pony up his best black shoes.

I’ll give him extra oats when he returns, perhaps with
Other stallions trailing along his behind in that
Rapacious way he loves, nuzzling, then running off
To play or stand beneath a tree.  I’ll groom him tenderly,
As one does with a steed that’s loved.  Ride him hard
When pleasure calls; the urge to break him gone.
At times I’ll put a saddle on,
Spur him to faster speed if he’s trotting slow;
Enjoy the thrill when he tries to buck me off.
For now I’ll let him roam to heart’s content,
Swollen in his coltish pride.
His love of me and mine for him sufficient
Bridle of wild intent to bring him home again.