young boy

Dedicated to Vando

When I first saw him I wondered—

Was he too young for love?

If I opened my heart, would he run away?

He’s a Brazilian boy, eyes flecked with blue,

Skin the color of honey when it’s warmed in the Sun.

I’m not sure I have the words to describe his lips—

Round and full and sweet— not sure

If that describes his mouth or ass.

For hours, we lay naked as I fed him grapes.

His body smooth except for light fur on thighs,

Vulnerable as he lay upon silk sheets,

Heart and soul open, filled to rim with desire for me.

I could not hold back. Gave him all he wanted,

Thrusting deep where he’s tight and sweet.

Take me, my young boy…..

He seemed an answer to wordless prayer,

Our time together pregnant with love,

Tonight, tomorrow, and deeper into the unknown.