Be My Love

Come storm my world….

I’ve had my fill of wind and rain,

Cold seasons shrieking thunderous woe.

Stand beside before beauty’s spent

Promise kisses and not my heart be rent.

We’ll find upon orbed Earth

Level place where arms encircle flesh,

Gaze deeply within the other’s eye

Tears of sorrow, tears of yearning love,

Careless hand exploring what’s below.

We’ll lay untucked by gentle creek,

Sleep bare upon floor of cave at night

Say goodbye to fears and greet the dawn

Together blessed by Heaven’s song,

Make love through shadows as new day begun.

Each day we’ll use a thousand wishes,

One by one throw them blessed into river,

Run swift in hours that swiftly fly,

Hold fast by brief to bear whatever flood

Comes by drops to dampen dust to mud.

Become my boy, my youth, my manly man

Give me cause to make this weeper laugh,

Subdue my tongue and hold in mind all questions deep.

Come night we’ll taste each other’s sweets,

Entwine our legs, desire our manly meat.

We’ll feast upon such living hearts

Red blood for passions as time imparts.

Take my eyes as opals as I see yours,

Colors swirling as falling leaves

Moaning voice swarms as buzzing bees.

Never will there be allowed hard pride in truth,

Hearts be soft and lips be tender kissed—

Together abide no cost more dear

Than wind of breath when sleep is near.

I pledge my soul to you, embraced by heart and hand.