So amazing are you
That I kiss the dust
Of the Earth your feet walk upon.

Before I knew you,
I thought I knew what I wanted.
After knowing you— only then
I experienced immediate union,
Such piercing of body and heart
That every thought was prayer
To be in your presence
And know always your Love.

Out of your presence,
I am incomplete, alone, lost—
Separate from true foundation.
But caught by your eyes,
I live in Deep Ocean of Rapture.

Here I am
Burning with fire— only desire,
Moaning the only music I hear.
Pluck me by noonlight;
Fuck me by moonlight.
I offer you my greatest sacrifice—
I offer you my self.

In middle of night,
Perhaps in a dream,
I heard a question asked by
Someone or something or you….
I answered, “Yes!”
Yes, I will kiss the dust of the Earth
Your feet walk upon.