Egyptian manFor Emad

Lying on the banks of the Nile
I gave myself to you,
Watched only by ancient gods and eternal stars.
Felt your breath upon bare skin,
Your hungry kisses up and down my naked body.

How could I resist?
Locked gates around my heart swung open
To Egypt’s enchanting ways—
Every limb, square inch, cell
Drenched, washed, blessed.

I tasted your dark honey,
Drank your sweet white milk—
What joy!  What fragile ecstasy….
Spark of divinity and essence of being
Wordlessly kissing my thighs
Until like the Red Sea before Moses—they parted.

Aroma of fervor as though smoldering incense,
Kissing and licking my feet—
Magic flooded into my soul.
Slowly you entered my inmost sanctuary,
Each inch a burning step of holy sacrifice—

You gave birth to such deep yearning in me,
Longing to be one with you in flesh…
With you above, behind, beside.
Now as rain falls on dark empty streets,
I am wet with memories and desire
To return to you and Egypt.