Last night, you woke me
Deep inside, my inner eyes
Opened, blinked awake,
Gave birth to a new sound.

You, as violinist, made of me
A Stradivarius, fingering
Chords upon my flesh,
My chamber vibrating, even
My thighs quivering as
You slowly plucked, sucked,
Fucked your way to
Resonant sound and deeper
Harmony as angels make
When held in the hands of God.

You, the musician, and I,
The instrument, became one
As I surrendered, was stretched
Beyond the limit of pain
And pleasure, knew
That deep inside
The dam was letting go,
That it was futile to resist the flood,
That your warmth was melting me,
Shaping me to your pleasure,
Crafting, composing a symphony
Of such tenderness that I opened,
Blossomed into song, echoed,
Cried, emptied myself,
Transformed by your expertise,
Your art, your patience, your
Very need of very need
Bringing me to my need
For you above, behind, within,
Until the crescendo passed,
And I fell, exhausted,
And still the music played on
In the silence of my sleep.