cellistSitting in church on Christmas Eve,
I found myself seated in front row.
My prayer rose as incense as I lifted up my eyes—
Saw angelic cellist almost within reach of arms.
Choir processed singing in Latin.  Then we sang
“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”— but for me
Emmanuel was here, his scepter held within his hands,
Fingering carnal chords on strings taunt as muscled flesh,
Firmly grasped his bow within right hand,
Stroked it up and down until my chamber quivered,
Sighed with every trembling breath.

As bright as star of morning dreams,
Blue eyes twinkled with a glorious beam,
Lips revealed pink tongue darting in and out
As I sensed King of kings lift up his mighty head,
Flung wide portal of my zipper to earthly use employ.
I felt my inner presence rise within tight pants,
No door or inn could keep this handsome savior out—

Gold ring upon his little finger caught the light,
He stretched his foot, I quaked at sight of arch,
Watched as he turned his eyes and saw me watching,
Slowly smiled as I noticed rise within his silk ribboned pants….
Smoothed lapels of his tux, then tweaked bow tie.
Arise, sons of Zion!  Give praise this night
Though the watch has been long, the hour has finally come.

As surely as this night is holy, I knew
This Savior would be held mild and tender,
Dark vault above with shining blazing star,
Angels round about as we cast off our clothes,
Silver bells toll the news as we made love.
Shepherds watched as our thighs entwined….
O Cum All Ye Faithful!
Suddenly there was a multitude of heaven’s host,
Transfigured as I sat and watched this Son of God—
This pure and precious gift was sent to me this night!

Joy to the World, I yield to wonders of his love,
Whether be in cattle stall or in my bed,
This babe was born for me. Soon in my tender care.
God guard us safely through wild tumultuous night,
Impassioned bodies bold in carnal urge to bare.
O Holy Night!  The stars are brightly shining!
I shall knell before his shrine, erected under sheets,
Sing hymns of praise to Him and whisper brother’s name.
This night, this Holy Night forever more His power proclaim….