I love the way you stare at me,
Long blonde hair falling down around your shoulders,
Large hands holding that big thick stick…
I see the plaintive look within your hungry eyes,
Flawless white skin primed and ready.

Your ruby lips are for kissing,
That much I know— your neck unadorned,
Pulse throbbing, nipples hard, wanting it raw.
When you moan, when I make you cry,
When you hear me roar in triumph—
You’ll feel alive, arms around me,
Legs over shoulders, pulling me inside,
Thrusting up, back arched,
Wanting to be vulnerable.

Here in my bed, you belong,
Find yourself in the act of giving,
Begging to be taken alive,
Possessed and sacrificed by such deep force
That you are finally free,
Naked at last, fulfilled and released….
Every inch of you fully known.
And for one brief moment,
You know you are loved.