For Jacob

The moment I entered orchard’s field,
I saw you lying on the grassy ground,
Your luscious skin flushed as apples red
With radiant sun still hanging in the air,
Eyes glowing as you turn and see me standing here.

Suddenly I find myself in house of prayer,
Taking in this sacred moment, washed clean,
Hesitant to speak, afraid to break the wordless space.
You and I alone at last among the garden trees,
Making angels weep from envy if they watch.

If there be soaring birds above, surely wings
Are tipped with fire at seeing us together here….
And should by chance there be resentment, it is
Tinged with taloned jealousy, seeing all that
Swells as eyes linger and time stands still.

Never until now have I spoken
Word as vow upon a bended knee,
But this I beg of thee and God
For hope that flows from faithful love,
Harvest honest flowing in thy breast.

Ah, the need is growing, wholesome,
This paradise of Eden’s grace rooted
Within this secret garden space where
Your feet are lightly planted in the soil.
Here I would anoint your flesh,
Bless you with white milk to quench your thirst.
I wait, possessed yet grateful for the pain,
Stung as if by hive of bees,
Tasting honey of your promised kiss.

Rise and come with me to bed.
If this be wrong for one so old
To lead a youth as you to walk
So closely to my shore, to taste sweet lips, to paint,
To cast, to toss you among the stars of night,
Brightly flung within abyss of dark conveyed…..

How vast this space within the heart,
No shame but only passion here….
If you are but foolish boy I’ve found,
Banish me I pray, discontented from your arms,
Though I lie upon hard ground,
Plucked as fruit now overripe,
Taste of apples on bruised lips.