hands entwined

For Gilbert

Have you gazed intently into his eyes,
Searching madly for what
Cannot be found upon the human face—
Looked closely without forethought or calculation
Until ripe moment comes…..
Hunger feasting upon hunger.

Suddenly, impulsively you reach out,
Touch his hands with hand,
Fingers locked, entwined,
Feeling blush of wine upon the cheek,
Pulse of heart upon his wrist.
You keep searching as space between disappears,
Leaning toward lips, finally touching,
First kiss becoming ending of foreplay’s opening action.

This is not pure instinct, not genetic design
But spirit longing for spirit, reaching out,
Finally laying aside ego’s natural mask.
Within marrow of bones,
You hear the calling in silence of the room,
Expanding warmth of loins aroused,
Moving slowly, madly toward what’s to come.

You strip yourselves of pretense,
For only then does thirsty search begin—
As naked virgins once again, unencumbered
By whatever past has brought you here.
This young moment pure and playfully innocent…
Boldly, you rise like one body,
Walk down narrow hallway of the house,
Shoulder to shoulder, not separate for an instant,
Walk into bedroom as explorers,
Finding uncharted territory to discover—
New oceans, continents, mountains,
Dark jungles— rising tide and undergrowth fresh
As desire moistens skin like early morning dew.
On sacred altar of this bed,
Will be triumph, gain and tears of sacrifice,
Surrender and power flowing together as One.

Flickering candles erase
Wrinkles of time.
Is soft music that you hear
Reverberating in the room?
Or is it rising from deep
Within chambers of the heart—
Strings and percussion in perfect rhythm,
Wind instrument to melody of atmosphere,
Leader’s baton firmly seized by hand,
Shadows dancing on the walls….

Life itself opens as a rose to Love,
Plucked from thorny stem,
Fragrant moment treasured, delicate as blossom.
Something new now being born,
Yet ancient in its source,
Emerging with great force yet tender,
So very tender in wordless touch,
Insistent this hunger to embrace.
Now in silence of the room
Passion spreads upon white sheets,
Warms the very air you breathe,
Each breath feeding, nurturing,
Leading toward letting go of cherished yet painful loneliness,
Holding and being held within his arms.