wild wind of love

For Ataberk

I leaned down and kissed him—
A cool and delicate kiss on voluptuous lips.
He shuddered, as though an electrical current
Passed through his body to center of his being.
He closed, then opened dark eyes,
Reached up and pulled me down beside him.

Each movement was tender and full of love
As slowly I sought his lips again….
He held my hand in both of his, then said
“Now you know what I’ve been fighting against.
Six months ago, I ran away.
But what drove me away now drives me back again.”

“Why have you been fighting against it?” I asked.
His face glowed under the soft lights.
I put my finger upon his check, softly took the tear away.
Kissing him again, this time warm tongue
Pushed its way across my lips as I tasted his sweet breath,
Inhaled him down into my lungs.

“I was thinking of you all the time, every hour,” he said.
“I realized that you wanted me, cared for me, loved me….
Crazy things filled my head, dreaming of wild impossible things.”
His face became white and I kissed him on his forehead,
His eyes, his cheek, and then his lips again.
All I could think was how much I wanted him.

“I love you,” he whispered.  “You and only you.
It was you that woke me from a childish dream.”
He buried his face into my neck, licked his way to ears,
His seductive voice filling me with longing,
Pushing me closer to the edge as he
Unzipped my jeans and slipped his hand inside,
Stroking me to hardness with one hand as
He unbuckled my belt and then unbuttoned my shirt.

Slowly he stripped me naked, not only of clothes
But of all defenses, all control, left me with nothing
But desire as he took off his clothes and together
We lay naked on the bed with heat so hot
It seemed a fire was burning in the sheets.

He cried when I entered him, not from pain
But from the bliss of being possessed….
Each thrust I made produced a resonant moan
As though a bow was played upon a cello’s strings,
Vibrating into the deeper chamber,
Loosening old debris within that needed to be removed.

“Take me.  Make me yours….” He whispered lustily.
I grew numb with wanting him, determined to drive
More deeply into his soul than anyone else had ever gone.
Suddenly it was as though the door to an empty house
Unlocked, opened and he invited me inside,
Deeper into a dark abyss as he surrendered, shuddered….
Naked in the open, warm atmosphere, blowing wild winds of love.