naked back
The curtains were half drawn,
Duvet lay thick upon the bed.
My eyes were closed
As I lay there, half asleep.I sensed him sitting on  edge of bed,
Felt his hot breath, sweet….
Though I could not hear him,
Quietly he moved, tenderly
Touched my naked thigh,
Then pulled away.

In the silence of the room,
So early before the dawn
That birds had no voice or tune—
I heard him weeping.
I took his hand in mine,
Smoothed the pillow for his head,
For one warm hour I held him.

We spoke not a word.
Gently, I rubbed his back,
Felt his vulnerability increase
Through the whole of his being.
Never had I dreamed of such a thing as this,
Intimacy entwined with bliss,
Nor felt before so close
To any other living human,
Naked skin against naked skin,
So amazingly at peace.