spring quad I stood and silently watched him,
Lying in the grass, studying in the quad,
Felt my heart begin to drop
As though I’d seen an angel without wings.

He floated there among my thoughts,
This holy quiet moment before in due course
I knew I would approach, kneel before him,
Tell him my name and suggest we have a drink.

The discourse was not long.
I saw the secret longing in his eyes.
He stood and flexed his quads, smiled,
We shook hands and I felt his warm blood
Pulsing recklessly, wildly in his veins.

Recklessly, I offered him a ride—
Of course he knew I’d ride him all night long…
Later, lying among lawn of my green sheets,
I was blessed that once released, his powerful legs
Clung tightly as I stretch into thickness of the moment.

Instead of hands, he gripped my shoulders,
Hard put to receive my every thrust, open, vulnerable,
Head cocked in surprise at my size—
Knowing he’d get fulfillment of his prayers.

Subconsciously perhaps I teased him, held him off,
Waiting for that fatal thrust, the stroke to finish us off,
Edging breathless in the storm, approaching thunder
Growing, approaching closer and closer and closer,
Until the cloudburst came and suddenly we both got wet.