What do you say when you first meet someone?
What’s on your list as you measure them in your head?
What words do you use when you want them in your bed?
I was speechless when I first saw him….
Could think of nothing to say as I was held in his arms.

He kept telling me I looked hot.
I thought of telling him I worked in a metal foundry,
That my work was rough and hard.
But my mouth was far too busy kissing—
From head to toe to cock.

At first I was scared….
Never had I been with such a man—
lean and strong and handsome—
God, he totally turned me on.
He wanted to show me everything—
Things I’d never done before.

We made love and drove me crazy,
Then slept and did some more.
He fell in love with me, as I fell in love with him.
Five times.  Maybe eight or more—
If you need details, consult your imagination.
We did it all….
Until I thought I would die if we ever stopped,
If he left and I could not find him for more.

Such agony when I listened for his heart
And could not hear it beating.
My own heart sank in fear
Until he finally heard me crying,
Opened eyes and said, “I’m here.”

Afterwards I knew my touch revived him.
He had slipped away and died while sleeping—
It was my salty tears and kiss that brought him back to life.
Before he again descended to the grave,
I quickly baptized him with champagne,
Then licked him dry, my thirst immense,
Impossible to be quenched.

When he left and finally closed the door,
His lips when kissed like swollen fruit,
I felt I was standing alone upon the dock,
Watching “The Titanic” slowly pull away—
While I remained behind in England,
Waving goodbye as he slowly sailed away.
Only then I found my voice—
“Don’t go!  Don’t go!”