No Sadness
Last night he opened the gate,
Climbed in my room through open window.
As I opened my eyes, my body shivered
As he stood there in the dark.

Slowly, I realized I loved the gloom
That sheltered him in shadow.
Light of the Moon glistened off his skin
As he removed his clothes before me.

Forgive me for saying this,
But I never once felt sadness
As he pulled back the sheet
Exposing all of my secrets.

Never before had I loved silence
But there was no need for conversation.
I looked straight into his eyes
Becoming his willing sacrifice.

I was his slave and I was a ghost
And I was sweating from pleasure
As he kissed my feet and walked his lips
To the bridge between my shoulders.

He buried his face into my bush,
Finding it ideal for nesting.
My curving thighs and thrusting hips
Wanted his one-eyed monster.

Now the flowers are gone
Though they seemed to last through winter—
With legs spread out in both directions
He entered me like a knife.

I still remember his white face smiling,
Floating over the tender window.
And underneath were passing dreams
From where the smoke was pouring.