first time My hot tears ran in streaks
Down Aaron’s tender cheeks,
Traced in sweet sticky lines
From soft curves of eyes
To corners of his lips,
Like delicate fingertips
Caressing outline of his face.

Unable to speak a single word,
I trembled under his touch,
His hands playing with
Knots of muscles in my arms.
His lips slowly inched pathway to my belly,
Smooth as though it was waxed….
My cock jumping as if between
Two hot wires of live electricity.

He rubbed my nipples gently,
Almost lovingly, in circular motions,
Thumbs flicked erect tips,
Teased bright pink areolas,
Took longing in my eyes
As further invitation.

Greedily, hungrily he tasted milk,
Pushed apart my thighs until he found
Two sweet round fruits
Begging to be kissed.
Unconsciously, I tensed,
Musk of sex rising in steamy air.

Upon my knees, I prayed
For what I knew awaited,
His hands holding me tighter
As I writhed under roughness of his touch
As he probed, first lightly, then thrust himself
Deeply, oh so deeply, leaning down.

Never before had I been possessed,
Never known the entry of a man—
Amazing pain as hit by lightening, coming quickly….
Incredible unspeakable desire as I opened further,
Accepted fullness under pressure,
Utterly filling the wholeness of my being.

More than once, he slowed his pace,
Until with bright eyes, he thrust deeper,
Mindless mutual satisfaction as we gasped,
Spilled kisses, desperate with eager need,
As slowly I learned the artistry of making love.