SurrenderFor hours I sat there
Just staring at your toes,
My hands on fire, fingers cramped,
Desire building and falling with every breath.
The world was a bowl and I washed your feet,
Water dripping into the warm languid air.

Maybe it was a dream—
The whole planet a pale turning
And I was blind and could not see the Sun,
Was deaf and could not hear you moan….
My hands now tied, unable even to reach out,
To touch what lay before me….
Slowly emerging in the light.

As I bent closer, I smelled your scent—
Musk an odor of burning flesh, no mere metaphor
As it drifted into an infinite sacred circle.
Felt myself grow into a larger Self.
I was a dragonfly hovering—
Listening to your breathing, my wings
Beating as your eyes invited me into your being….
Everything abandoned just as morning light expanded,
Fell across uncovered thighs and spilled across the sheets.

Like a flower whose petals open,
Incrementally…. Slowly you
Surrendered, vulnerable and bare,
Letting go of whatever had bound the bud so tightly,
Crossed the invisible line
Until what was given away
Remained within your grasp as you
Lay supine across the bed
Washed by the rising sun,
Open to naked possibilities of the day—
Whatever contradictions and hesitations were there before
Now dissolved into a very wild ride.