Death after Sex
Three hours after he left my bed
He put a bullet through his head,
His essence still alive,
Still swimming in my ass.
To think he lied is crass.
He trashed my pledge of lasting love,
Thought otherwise as he pulled cold trigger.

I hesitate to claim the fault is mine—
Others are still alive,
Have not bled out upon the grass,
Returned for second chance at sex.
Yet now I feel stab of pain within the heart,
Knowing darkness claimed his final thrust.

Already I want him here, alive, breathing—
Licking, kissing, risking chance of more.
One more time, please, one last time,
So memories I will harbor,
Deep in crevices of mind,
Remember again, again,
Re-live forever— even last kiss goodbye,
Will be washed clean of stain of blood,
Redeemed of haunting dark.

Tonight I will wake up at three o’clock,
Struggle to forget his name—
His lips, his pink tongue lapping all the milk,
Haunting eyes taking in,
Giving almost everything he had to give,
Except his secret wish for death.