Went for a jog on a hot afternoon.
Not two miles along the way
This young stud jogged my log,
His hose firmly held in hand,
Naked chest ablaze in heat,
Nipples dark and oh, so sweet.
Stopped to see if he needed help,
Since the job with car seemed nearly complete…
Rinsing, rinsing suds away, he smiled,
Licked his ruby lips and said,
“Thanks, I could use a hand…”
Soon we lay naked in his bed,
His hose dripping in my hand,
Tongue wet against my wet tongue,
We polished skin with skin….
Then he whispered in my ear,
“I like to be in driver’s seat.”
He thrust his shaft into highest gear,
Spread thighs and entered my rear….
My god, he was good and drove real well,
Took my curves and rang my bells,
Blew my horn and made me scream,
Smiling all the way, his hose leaking
Deep within my dark road until we
Finished washing hours of afternoon,
And I went jogging on my way again.