When I got back from my hike,
There he was, standing on the porch,
His pants dropped, waiting, body so incredible
I could not resist his charm.

Wrapping arms around him tightly,
I blessed and kissed his open lips,
Both of us aroused as
We went into the cabin, his cut wood
Hard in my hand, veins throbbing,
Ripped off his boots and pants.

Licking up long legs,
I tasted salty flesh,
Pushed apart his thighs,
Heard him gasp, breathe deeply,
Grasp for words, his naked flesh
Warm against my naked flesh.

Did I hear thunder?
Was I struck by lightening?
All I remember was the penetration,
His moaning when I pushed,
Deeply thrust, his strong arms around my neck,
Legs wrapped around my supple back,
Heard him mention name of God,
Beg for all I had and more….

Heaven came and stayed an hour,
Angel wings moved the air in silence
As we cast the mighty word of love
In widening pools of light,
Love born of unrelenting need,
Sparkling in the clarity of afternoon,
On the brink, on the cusp, on the brim,
Then overflowing seed.

If before I did not believe in love,
Now I walk forward, smiling,
Heart singing as I find memory
Of him standing on my porch,
Bright smile luminous within the lingering bliss
That lingers to this day.