Why must a man always pause?
He pauses if only for that eternal moment,
Reveals in his full nakedness a vulnerability
Briefly glimpsed behind his eyes as he
Stands there, waiting, hoping,
Exposed to more than the body alone can bear,
An influx, the space leaning toward action…
Mind has already made a contract he hopes
His body can fulfill, as the heart palpitates—
His world… his only world throbbing
As the blood drives lower toward what he wills…
Desires to be admired, received as music is
Received by ear, as light is transmuted
By eye even in the night.  He needs,
Hopes to hear, see, and be touched
Inside the small place of loneliness—
Touched where he still feels a boy, or if
Hospitable to hidden spirit,
Joined as One in that place of calm
Deep inside the soul where love abides.
The pause does not last long…
Soon he feels bold, hearing as he does a call
Laden with the force of gravity felt by tides
That turns, ebbs and flows, waves
Washing upon the shore, rising again swollen
With a gift he longs to give, to share, to grow.