To be honest, it was his eyes that got to me,
Penetrated right through to soul….
True, the rest of him looked just fine, too—
Dark curly hair, luscious lips, strong chin,
Heavy brows above those dreamy eyes….
And the slight smile when he noticed me
Looking lustily at him.

It was still mid-afternoon, we had hours
To feast before we stopped for dinner.
Already his heat was rising as I pour his beer,
Knelt down to kiss his thighs and feet.
He was hard when I removed his belt,
Unzipped his shorts and pulled them off,
Tan lines giving greater definition to hips….
His hands running through my hair,
Furry chest an answer to my prayer.

Sucking first one and then a second nipple,
Round and hard against my tongue,
His hands against my cheeks—
I did not know if I felt strong or weak,
Desire sapping every ounce of strength.
It took everything to submit to his every whim,
As he pushed me back against the sheets,
Made my thighs a holy place for sacrifice.

I yearned to satisfy his craving,
Opened lips and felt him raise my legs
Released all resistance as he took his pleasure,
Knocked upon the door and found dark paradise,
Pushed inside so deep I cried in joyful pain,
Thrusting up in hope for his release,
Heard his gasp as he planted seed,
Essence yielding to essence,
Clutched at his back as I let go in turn,
Union pure but brief, yet all I know of love.