I’d been lying on the beach an hour or so
When I saw him in the water,
Turn and look intensly over shoulder,
Splashing into the blue swells,
Body shimmering with spray,
Tan line fully on display.

Feeling irresistible urge to take a dip,
I stood and walked down to the water,
My thoughts an ocean swimming in
Open water of my awakened mind, erect,
Caught in thrusting motion,
Forgetting lotion, ideas of this big fish
Flopping underwater, giving into
Strong undertow pulling me in his direction.

If this were dry desert, he might see my tears,
Weeping pure desire as my hand
Touched his naked thigh, kept going,
Turning higher in the current yearning,
Pure craving flowing from sea
To beach, from beach to home,
From home to bed, swimming hours together,
Through waves to one another, churning,
Caught in mighty eternal flow.