When I saw him standing on the beach,
I fell in love with his watch,
Wondered if it were Rolex or Breitling,
But found it hard to tell in bright sun.
I couldn’t quite see what I wanted to see.

I wanted to approach, get closer,
Touch his wrist, find out the brand.
I knew it would be hard… very hard.
The hands looked so fine, splitting hours,
Counting minutes as I stared.

Perhaps it could be Omega and I
Could be the Alpha.  Deep within
Heart, I desired Longines, so perfect in
Design, class, sophistication….
Especially the Conquest.  Or perhaps
He has an Admiral— I could admire that.

Whatever it is, I want it bad…
Naturally as breath, feel the old instinct
Growing as desire within my head.
Slowly, he turns, watches me watching him.
He smiles, takes off his Prada sunglasses…
Faces me fully and winks.
My God, the beach is turning out
To be a great day today….