There he was on the beach,
Standing on one foot,
Doing yoga in the nude.
I wondered what the end would bring,
Sun setting under cover of the clouds.

God, I wanted to get him under covers.
His body seemed an answer to my prayers,
Now kneeling on my knees,
Ready to meditate, strip myself of thought,
Join him as we wait together for the night.

He sensed me join his ecstasy,
Transcendent as he turned,
Erected there upon the beach
Transport into paradise.
Overheated, rolled into the waves,
Over and overjoyed, together,
Penetrated to the core.

Walking on the beach
Will never again be the same.
Forever in my mind,
I’ll carry memories of this man,
Salty as the sea,
Rushing like great ocean tide,
Suspended in time,
Yielding last of innocence to love.