I saw you in the bar,
Struttin’ stuff as though you were some star,
Muscles bulging everwhere,
Tattoos placed adroitly here and there.

You saw me all suited up in coat and tie,
Knew that you had caught my eye.
You know I know you’re quite the man.
I can’t help but admire your tan.

You, in your hot tighty-whites.
Do you know I’m hopin’ that we might?
My God, you think I’m just a fool.
Just lookin’ at you, you make me drool.

What are you gonna make me do tonight?
I’m melting in this suit too tight.
Take me in your arms and have your way.
I’ll do anything you say.

Do you want my virgin ass?
Will you fuck me on the grass?
Please don’t make me beg for more.
Please just fuck me on the floor.

Be tender when you take me deep,
Don’t laugh when you see me weep.
Penetrate my boyish charms.
I’ll be happy within your arms.