Words are unnecessary.
I only wish to sit here,
Stare into your calm eyes,
Ask you if I may kiss your lips,
Lightly, oh so lightly,
Rub your lips against my own,
My tongue darting to every part,
Mouth open to receive your lower lip.

I circle your tongue with the tip of mine,
Touch the underside and top.
You echo back the passion,
Rhythmic, stabbing, sucking….
Allowing sensations to drive emotions.
Can you tell I want you now?
I can tell that you want me.
No words are necessary.

Inevitably, we come to this—
The perfect rose of lips,
Touch of hands on naked hips….
Bliss enhanced with hunger,
Door of the heart wide open,
How could I not be enthralled with you?
I am resting in such awe of you….

Unbelievable, the way you let me in,
Ultimate ecstasy in this open space
Continuous for a moment or a thousand years,
Longing, seduction, revelation, love,
Presence gathered, floating upward,
Blushing through milky spinal cord
Toward heaven’s ocean blue—
Only here.  Only me and you.