He was waiting for me,
Blue plaid shirt matching blue striped sheets,
Newly laundered and stretched tight.
His blue briefs were stretched tight, too,
High upon his muscled thighs.
Did I mention the blue within his eyes?

This man is all primed for my arrival,
Hungry look within his eyes,
Preparations made as though
This room and body are his seductive temple—
He the high priest upon the altar of the bed,
Ready to be sacrificed
All in the name of tonight’s desire.

I want to drink his wine,
Eat his bread upon the bed,
Spend the coming hours of night
Preying upon my knees,
Enshrine his golden calves upon my shoulders.

His sweet kisses are divine.
As sun sets and sky turns dark blue,
We light candles around the room,
Offer incense to the full moon
Right before my face,
Staring with unblinking eye….
I slowly finger his holy flesh
As deep as finger goes.

His body jerks, his moaning grows,
Words of pleading, wanting more….
I tease him to the core
Until my own desire has overpowered
Any will to prolong the time,
Inevitable this play whose final act
Already known….  Bravo!
Act One.  Intermission.  Act Two.

Though there is no applause,
The audience is pleased,
Demands an encore,
Standing on the floor, arms lifted,
Voices loud and urgent….
More, more, more….