After work, I headed home
And there he was,
At the end of the hall,
Naked as a jaybird but for the cross around his neck.
He’d moved in a few weeks before.
Now here he was, making his move.

Sure, we’d flirted out on the street.
But I hadn’t expected he’d be this sweet,
Covering himself, but he surely wasn’t small.
Muscles ripped and real dark eyes,
Silver cross and a killer smile.

What could I do but unlock my door,
He took my key in his hands as we lay on the floor.
We smoked a joint and got ready for more.
He swallowed my cock and licked my balls;
Between my legs, he looked pretty tall.

I knew what he wanted and I gave it all.
He grabbed my ass and took it to the wall.
He thrust inside and fucked like a champ.
It didn’t take long till our bodies were damp.
He stayed all night and  never used the lamp.