He was waiting for me when I got home.
Laying on the couch
Almost naked— his white skin hot to touch,
Dark nipples round as sun,
Melting any resistance of my own.
He held his power within his eyes,
Hard abs, muscled arms above his head,
Trail of hair disappearing down his shorts.

He knew he had me from the start,
Knew I would submit to every whim….
Pulled down his shorts with teeth,
Licked his feet, kissed my way north,
Lips walking up his hairy legs,
Strong thighs on either side,
Hard rod brushed my face…
I had no will but his,
Heat rising as he told me what to do.

What is it about a blond boy
That makes red blood begin to boil?
Just one look of his ruddy lips,
Crawled upon the sheets as he took my head,
Forced me upon his hard rock,
Swallow gorgeous cock,
Blond bush scented with sweet musk.

With a glance of blue eyes,
He implored me to applaud his size,
The uplift of his blade mesmerized,
Lured me deeper into desire,
Temperature overheating as
With his hand he turned me face to face,
Planting his tongue within its place.

He must have used some drug on me,
Made me weak as he
Maneuvered me upon my back,
Caught within his grasp,
Legs upon his shoulders…
My head was spinning as
His penetrating thrust pierced
Deep into my strongest need until
I blossomed as a bud to flower
Opens under blazing heat of sun.

My only desire to give him everything he wanted…
Lead me, use me, breed me, pour his seed,
Cum so deep into my darkest need,
Our two souls joined as one.

Afterward, I could only half-whisper his name,
As though he were young god,
Caressing me still in dreams,
Finding in his remembered flesh a triumph
Flashing bare with beauty,
His naked body breathing
Deepest passion I’ve ever known.