A year, a month of days and nights
All seemed compressed into an hour,
Stretched into eternity as time stopped,
Candles slowly caught fire as the spell enlarged,
Possessed the space and all within,
Smells of peach and apricot upon his skin.

Language died as kisses began,
Amber eyes aglow, white souls and dark bodies
Disrobed, clothes cast upon the floor
Like leaves thrown from autumn trees.
I closed my eyes as he read my facial bones,
Fingers lightly rested upon nape of neck,
Bare skin a democracy of such consequence
Desire could never dissolve the Moon
Melting now on warm walls of room.

As a solar flare that leaps from surface of the
Sun to extend its power and fire,
Back arched as fingers encountered my spine,
Singing hymns of sighs as he touched
Every vertebrae of back, opening heart,
Yielding as in a dream, though I was not asleep
To anything of his…. each muscle, bone
Treasured in my arms, listening to his pulse,
Fingering curve of shoulder, round nipple,
Hair upon his chest hushed in insistent
Dampened kisses, craving one by one
Every second spilled across the bed.

Passionate, erotic, sensual have no definition
Compared to what transpired….
Unfolding night a cocktail of surprise,
Burden of his body light,
Secret spaces opened as a flower in sun,
Erect in anticipation of more heat to come.
I paid attention to his body’s sighs,
Murmurs, moans…. Was he whispering my name?

There must have been a rising tide,
Waterfront where distant ship turned to
Seek my body’s wharf, slowly moving
Into slip, the screech of gulls,
Delicious agony of yielding flesh,
Chest throbing, thighs embracing pounding,
Lungs exploding into rising flock of birds
Flying around the room…
Fingernails tracked across his back,
Gripping every luxury, meeting
Every kiss with one of mine
Until the bliss became unbearable.

How can God be so cruel
As to allow such tenderness to pass?
How, where two become one but only for an hour….
Separate again as aching
Knocks upon the door?
Words return and congregate
About the bed, wait return of morning light,
Sweat drying, leaving salt upon the skin….
Only memory retaining ecstasy
That lived in glow of candlelight.