I suppose at the time I might have thought
It all began as we walked upon the beach,
Waves washing our bare feet,
Wet sand between our toes,
Soft hours of afternoon slowly dying into night.
Never did I have a moment of regret,
Though I admit at times I weep for
Times now lost within the past,
Struggle with desire to repeat the deed.

That night as he finished washing dishes,
Water dripping from the tap,
I slipped behind his back,
Rested hands around his throat,
Pulled him back and kissed the clearing
On nape of neck exposed,
Slowly reached around,
Ripped buttons of his shirt
One by one, pinching nipples,
Heard groans and heavy breathing
As he backed against my thighs.

I could tell by his quickened sighs
The enterprise was mine to take,
Drive to finish within the flickering light
What the ocean had begun,
Low tide exposing hidden secrets….
High tide lifting every body,
Throwing high upon the dunes,
Salty taste burning with the turning.

Suddenly I spun him around,
Took him firmly within strong arms,
Threw him over shoulder,
Dropped him on the table.
Whatever dishes remained
Were tossed upon the floor
As I unbuckled belt, unzipped jeans,
Released the snake, slowly,
Very slowly kissed his face.

He rose upon his knees, kneeling,
Worshipping as a prince before a king,
Removing clothes in undignified haste,
Offering himself in sacrifice,
Praying to his lord.

What could I do but answer every prayer?
I took his innocence, his gold, his yearning perversity,
Burned my way deeply into bowels,
His secret earth mine to plant my seed.
Though I was his lord, I offered no mercy,
Was no angel, only animal who drank to
Satisfy my thirst, shooting seed
As I poured fire upon his need,
Pumped until my liquid splendor
Spilled into fissured flesh.

Was there thunder in the air?  Did I even care?
All I know, he later begged for more,
Such satisfaction of his needs
Seem always evanescent,
As is the glory of the tides upon the shore.