As he drew his mouth down upon my mouth,
I felt his dark eyes fasten on my own
As if dark cloth closed over sight,
His lips met mine as I lost my strength,
Overpowered by his urgent smile,
His careless hand upon my thighs.

Then he swung low, pressing me upon the slab,
My cries dying in his liquid eyes, my moans
Shallow as I yielded to my lover’s touch.
Suddenly the empty room turned dark,
The only light I saw was a golden arc
Sweeping down my body,
Fire within me sweetly growing….

He hovered over me, uncovered me
Until I had no sense of self,
Lost everything within his flood,
Drowned within his passion’s heat
And found that death was good.

I could not pray for more….
Could not find words to speak,
His mastery of song,
His orchestration on my back
As he took the podium,
Swung baton against my face,
The beat, the pulse within my veins,
The tingling as he lashed his hungry tongue
Where no tongue had ever been.

I cried as he took me, first slowly,
Then he beat upon and broke my will,
Entered further still, again and again
Plunged deeper and faster
Deliberately pushing into darkness
Until I writhed like lightening,
His curving length thrusting up,
Pushed against my spine
As pain opened into pleasured light.

How do I end this story
When the moment had no words?
 His intensity brought only tears of pain, of joy….
Of sorrow when he pulled away.