His Moment of Grace
 He only had memories of how love lies,
Hunger glared within his eyes,
So seduction was easy—
Soon his bending back was stripped,
His only pride was when his mouth
Was filled with my fat meat,
Kept saying, “It’s all mine!”

Perhaps he was blind and could not see
As I made him wait for dangled bait…
Perhaps he sought the crippling blow,
Finally found a rhythm to his life
When he heard my urgent growl,
Needed desperately to be desired,
Owned, possessed as his
Only road to be blessed,
Baptized by dripping cream,
Taste of Essence on his tongue.

I let him have it,
Tangled him in sheets,
Trapped within my clutch,
His ass mine to fuck,
Heard him beg and moan,
Cry and shriek on my downbeat
As I owned him for an hour or more,
Thumping mattress on the frame,
His eyes ablaze with heat.

Slowly, I rolled him on his back,
Plunged deeper down his trough, his crack,
Slapped his ass so hard
He sang the only song he knew,
Spread himself and whimpered at his fate.
Was I his savior for a night?
Perhaps this is all he’ll know of love,
To have one night where he disappears,
Finds within another body’s pace
His only space of saving grace….