Leaning against the bar,
His lean, young body
Was like an easy dream,
Saw the haunted look of
Loneliness linger in his eyes,
Knew I could pull him
Within the orbit of my liquid Sun,
His weighted mass would fling itself,
Spin forward, chest first, begging,
Gliding through his void,
Caught within my starless night.

Within an hour or even less,
I had him in my hand,
His naked body glowing like full moon,
Hair disheveled, hungry ass open,
And the Sun reigning down
Upon his back like God.
Cries intensified by poppers—
He, the pussy cat who purred,
Thrust back as I spread his legs,
Entered, filled his secret sadness,
Longing exposed, allowing him, half-tamed
To burn wildly in the shadows of the room.

His moaning woke my lust
As I turned him on his back, thrust
Deeper as I took him where he longed to be,
Eyes blinking open, head back, laughing,
Other head engorged, the strange force of desire
Finally erupting, gliding, driving into that never-ending lane,
Forging within his heart a heat, a tear ran down his cheek
When I gave the final kiss….
But never did I tell him my true name.