Genesis After Work

I was exhausted when I got home from work,
But he didn’t seem to care…
It was like some wind of God
Swept across his face—
I was commanded to obey.

My body was his garden paradise,
Bearing fruit of every kind—
As he sowed his seed abundant
Deep within dark Earth.

As evening came,
He turned on the Light,
And the great sea monster moved
Further into waters of the deep.

My God, with one word
Separated light from dark.
He separated lips, his magical tongue
Parted thighs like ocean waves,
Blessed my backward cheeks,
And I swear for six days he toiled,
Worked my body over
Newly created for his need
As I wept and cried for more,
Bearing his image impressed
Upon my back, teeth marks
Deep within my flesh.

On the seventh day
(or was it seventh hour?)
His work completed, new genesis begun…
He rested from all that he had done,
Lay exhausted on the bed.
All was blessed, and all was good.