Even in the Cathedral
When upon my knees in prayer….
Especially in the Cathedral
When upon my knees, my eyes
Glance upward at painted saints as
Holiness escapes.

My heart turns inward,
Cannot hold back or turn away from
Watching him at high altar,
Glittering robes uncover
Radiant heat as open shrine,
His back erect, eyes on fire as he
Finds my face, my eyes on his,
Heart bruised with memories
Of what we did last night…

The wine was drunk,
Ascent to bed was made,
Words no longer said
As he bent down and knelt,
Exposed unbearable yearning:
A sigh, a moan, a prayer, a kiss
Crossed upon his lips.
Field of sheets
Became a bed of love and
My beloved’s face the world:
Certain, shining clearly in the night,
Open to the body’s joy, the pain,
The kicking of the hours of night
Before the rise of Sunday dawn.

Yes, he has taught great teachings of
Love and all that cannot be attained,
Vowed his priceless promises by
Breaking vows ordained,
But still standing at the temple gate,
My heaven in his eyes,
There lives a joy, infinity,
Eternity alive within his flower
Himself the hallowed happiness.

The prayer I seek from God:
Gift of ear to hear
Accent of his masculine voice;
Eyes to observe with care
Treasured muscles of his thighs;
Tongue to taste
His falling salty tears;
Mind to hold the memory of
Hands running through his hair.

So at Sunday morning Mass
I knell before this vision:
His manly torso’s treasured robes
A wealth of Eden’s glory gathered in
One silent tender word,
One hushed breath of life,
One blink of stealthy eye,
One furtive kiss: a secret soaring
Beneath these vaulted ceilings,
Flung before the sight of God,
The Ultimate Heart of Love.