I looked down and even in gray dawn
Knew I was erect,
Side-curved head curious about
What came next…
The scent illuminating room,
Wondering about the game at hand.

I felt his body beside me in the bed,
Knew we each had past the place of
Needed necessary pursuit,
Past all argument, past the point where
Words hesitate within the throat,
Past transparent need for clothes
To hide the barescript heart.

Now we lay athwart pure desire alone,
Naked heat rising by the minute, hour by hour,
Lips open, reaching till they reached
The roughness of his beard upon his cheek,
Reached his nipples, reached his feet,
Sucking summer morning, juicy, sweet…

I parted muscled thighs and felt his gasp,
Settled head upon his grass and knew
I had him firmly within hard grasp;
Sweated through that momentary fog
Where I witnessed his surrender
To my need, to my seed…
To wait as he abased himself,
Rose upon his knees,
Took my rising, palpable and certain,
Bore beneath my thrust a deeper plunge
Than any man had taken on any other morn,
Till limitless at last I reached the place inside,
The hold, the passing lull when
Even hand of God could not save him
From crying, holding nothing back
He wept, he begged, he loudly moaned
Until he fully knew that little death,
Saw within his glassy eyes moon,
Planets, stars of heaven, bitter pain the
Price of purchase dipping into
Deep relief, flinching as though
Dropped, abandoned in the street…

Exhausted, lay embraced in arms,
Hopes impregnable of mind,
Pool drained, gathered union leaving,
Gone, passed within the
Tempest of the sheets, my hub his universe,
Tossed upon my wide shouldered shore,
My Earth, my drenching ocean,
My face remembered in his dreams,
Spreading wide the door to Paradise.