Last night, he did not tell me of his love.
There were no words sufficient to the task;
No theory to be taught.  Form and muscle
Dwelt alive, incarnate, carnal between the sheets,
Transformed dryness into pouring sweat,
Pushed beyond known limits, slowly,
Patiently, tenderly drove, exposed
Deeper knowledge, consummation of what God
Attempts in creation of transcendent beauty.

You cannot know it without experiencing
Full weight of weightless love,
With body’s soulful healing—
At least an hour of night, at least a timeless moment
Where soul emerges through the heart,
Craving desire of open thighs,
Rub of chest,  angelic encircling arms,
Touch of lips, tongue upon nape of neck…

Not tame, but wild, this taste of love—
Not framed by refrain of words or song.
It comes in waves…. this generosity
Penetrates customary guard, till naked
Lay exposed, torn asunder by his act of love…
This living into body a rebirth erected,
Graced through Presence by my side,
Above, inside, and all around… absorbs,
Saturates, satiates within all regions succulent
Whatever milk and honey is desired.