Though he was no virgin, he was young,
Stood before me naked, clutching his dignity
While blue eyes begged like a dog’s for notice.
His wild hair and ruby lips turned me,
As a sunflower turns to face the
Shining sun, and tenderness was spun,
Though I had sworn never again to think
Two lives should be like one.

I should have known the cost to heart,
Cast my mind in willful steel to gauge
His naked backside, not be taken in by
Promised words and invocations of his
Tongue… Oh, God, his tongue— divine,
That sought throughout the night to find
Such secret places where I quiver, long
To feel my feet and fingers tingle, laugh
As I waited till he was finished,
The rites complete…  satisfied again
For one more night of passing pleasure.

Yes, I listened to his moans that came in waves,
Good news as we played the hours, then
Watched him in my arms as his eyes
Closed in sleep.  Towards morning,
In the huddle of the sheets, I was well
Received again, his cries upon my entry—
Not easy to forget.  Of course, he was
One of those perfect tricks who know
Their lines, can do anything you like,
Until the lump is leavened once again,
Right before the moment they disappear,
Leave before they hear the sound of sighing.