We left the city early in the morning,
Heading for the distant mountains, the snow
Upon their flanks as white as foam, bathed in
Light that plunged unfathomed from the skies
To the core of granite Earth,
The underlying element of mirth
Let loose, abundant as we laughed our way,
Climbed through winter orchards, branches bare,
Finally rising to the rocky ledge where we’d made love
Last summer when the radiant heat warmed
Our bodies, made the effort seem more worthy
As the rapture leaned its way, eventual relief of
Tensions that had built an inner force— until
Release, our naked bodies fused as one, high
Above the valley, plunging beneath our feet.

Now we sought the ledge again, to find reunion,
Push the love in winter’s form, to use the play of
Mind to keep us warm, to cast aside all modesty
Till one fierce shape would silhouette the eye.
Even now, I remember virtues of the cold:
Gust of wind that soaked the naked skin,
That boiled the blood and made a hurry of the deed.
Still it was an act of love in summer that begat
This spreading open, this return, this arrival,
This mission where two lives bear witness
Once again as one, the goodness of the act itself
A state, redeemed, chosen with intent to
Celebrate again the hope for youthful spring.